NEW PLAYLIST: What I Wish Pop Music Sounded Like

I grew up in Daytona Beach, which didn’t give me access to underground music until I started getting more exposure to it on the internet. I spent a large portion of my childhood listening to pop radio and watching MTV or VH1’s top music video countdowns, so until I started digging on Myspace, my primary taste in music was Pop. Lately, I barely pay attention to the mainstream. I kind of just hear the songs in stores or commercials but rarely deliberately seek to listen to chart-topping songs. It’s not that I’m just a contrarian, I just generally don’t like the popular sounds right now. Every once in awhile a song like Sorry or Lean On comes along that I do actually enjoy, but it’s really not all that common.

I wanted to make this playlist because I think a lot of people think the music I listen to is weirder than it actually is. There’s plenty of stuff that I enjoy that could easily be plugged into a pop radio station’s rotation and nobody would even notice. All of these songs are very accessible in my books and I’d really like to hear these types of sounds get more attention.


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