NEW PLAYLIST: Oh, so you like Mac Demarco?


Mac Demarco really broke out after his 2014 release Salad Days, which propelled him to a weird level of fame where he became the face (and often the punchline) of art-school kids who smoke too many cigarettes. I was never deep into the Mac Demarco craze, or Ariel Pink’s for that matter, but I really like him as a person and the scene he became the head of. Musically, a lot more lo-fi and DIY sounding “slacker rock” has been finding success since Demarco did. Fashionably, Demarco pretty much continued what Odd Future had started a few years earlier: getting kids to vaguely dress like skateboarders, but Demarco’s fashion sense is much less vibrant and showy than OF’s.

This playlist serves as my first “Oh, so you like ____” series of playlists. I want to do these for artists who are representative of musical movements with plenty of unsung heroes. I hope you guys enjoy. :+)


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