NEW EP: Harmless Melodies by Yellow Days


I remember when I was younger and people would freak out about artists my age making cool music and I’d sort of think “yeah, what’s the big deal? I’m 17, I’m an adult now”. Here I am 4 years later freaking out about Yellow Days. George van den Broek was apparently 17 years old when he recorded Harmless Melodies and it makes anything I’ve accomplished as a 21 year old pale in comparison. He makes soulful alternative music that reminds me a bit of a poppier take on what King Krule was doing a few years ago. Harmless Melodies only features 7 tracks, 3 of which are an intro, interlude and outro, so I’m very excited to see what product an older Yellow Days could put out as a full-length.

RIYL: King Krule, Alex Izenberg, feeling unaccomplished for your age

Favorite track: A Little While


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