AFTER THE FACT: “Blackened Cities” by Melanie De Biasio


I just discovered Melanie De Biasio last night off of Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide Radio playlist and it was love at first listen. He had added her track “I’m Gonna Leave You”, which is an absolutely track, but the track that absolutely blew me away was her 24:16 long masterpiece “Blackened Cities”, which came out May 20th of last year on PIAS. Melanie De Biasio is a Belgian jazz singer who released her first album titled A Stomach Is Burning 10 years ago. However, to call “Blackened Cities” simply a jazz track wouldn’t make much sense. It’s an interesting blend of post-rock and jazz that you can’t find from many other artists besides Tortoise. When I first clicked on this song to listen, I didn’t even realize that it was 24 minutes long and just kept listening hoping that it wasn’t going to end. Beyond adding her to his playlist, Gilles Peterson did an entire remix album of De Biasio’s 2013 album No Deal and called “Blackened Cities” his favorite track of 2016, which means a lot coming from one of the most knowledgable guys in the music world. Clear out some time and give this track your undivided attention for awhile, it’s absolutely worth it.


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