NEW ALBUM: Raw Light II by Botany


One of the biggest tasks a producer faces is trying to create and maintain a distinct sound palette throughout their discography without rehashing the same stuff over and over. I like when a producer uses a common thread that makes the average listener think “Hey this song is by _____ because I like that other song by _____ and they’re the only who could pull that off!”. Spencer Stephenson, aka Botany, does this extremely well. I found him through his 2015 release Dimming Awe, The Light Is Raw, which Raw Light II is clearly the spiritual successor to. However, in-between he released an ambient album called Deepak Verbera which was sonically a complete departure from his other music, but still had recognizable sounds that only Botany could’ve came up with. Raw Light II lies somewhere between instrumental hip-hop and electronica, featuring the best aspects of both. He uses a lot of space age sounds and likes samples of classical instruments like harps and chimes. Stephenson is signed to Western Vinyl, which happens to also be based out of his home state of Texas and carries fellow heavyweights such as Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith and Diane Coffee.

RIYL: Lilacs & Champagne, Madlib, Flamingosis

Favorite track: Janis Joplin


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