VINTAGE CLOTHING: Superbowl Threads

I probably should’ve posted this earlier because these shirts won’t be able to be shipped to you in the next 5 hours, but I wanted vintage designs that I really like from the two Superbowl teams.

Atlanta Falcons


Description: Atlanta Falcons 1995 “The Way It’s Meant To Be Played” Shirt

Seller: Vintage4ushop

Size: M

Price: $15

Buy Here


Description: Atlanta Falcons ProPlayer Shirt

Seller: metropolistshirts

Size: XL

Price: $25

Buy Here

New England Patriots


Description: New England Patriots 1997 “Squeeze The Cheese” Crewneck (The Patriots actually lost this game)

Seller: ResouledGypsy

Size: XL

Price: $57

Buy Here


Description: New England Patriots Lee Sports Crewneck

Seller: sunshinecentralproducts

Size: XXL

Price: $34.95

Buy Here


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