NEW EP: Nobody But U EP by Dennis Ayler


Newly established 22a has already established itself as an extremely solid source for new Jazzy House music. Dennis Ayler’s Nobody But U EP comes only  a few months after his No Comment EP, which came out last September and serves as 22a’s 14th release. This EP is perhaps less House-y than the other releases I’ve heard from 22a, but for where it lacks in House elements, it compensates for in soul and Jazz elements. It seems as if the London underground will continue to ride this Jazz wave it’s been riding on and I’m totally okay with that, as long as it maintains the sort of quality Dennis Ayler was able to put out here. This EP isn’t even on Spotify yet, so check it out on Bandcamp here.

RIYL: Thundercat, Seven Davis Jr., Al Dobson

Favorite track: Smoochin



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