OLDIES: What Color Is Love by Terry Callier


I’ll make a bold statement here and say that I’ve never heard an album encompass the feelings of love and heartbreak better than Terry Callier’s 1972 masterpiece What Color Is Love. This album has been getting a tremendous amount of play from me lately and a different track is my favorite with each listen. Chicago Soul is the specific genre title assigned this album, which makes sense considering Callier was from Chicago and this album is filled with as much soul as any other album. The album seems to cover each step in a romance, which ultimately ends by the end of the album. “Just As Long As We’re In Love” is  definitely a standout track that details the height of their relationship only to reach the point of “You Don’t Care” by the end of the album, which is about exactly what the title suggests. Overall, this album is a great listen and one of those that require a listening from start to finish.


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