NEW ALBUM: A Thousand Skies by Clap! Clap!


**BACK FROM HIATUS-expect regular posts for the indefinite future**

Footwork musicians usually come out of Chicago. Tribal African musicians usually come from…. well, Africa. And then there’s Cristiano Crisci, who merges the two together under the alias Clap! Clap!, and he comes from Florence. He’s back again after his incredible 2014 album Tayi Bebba, which was so good that it caught the attention of Paul Simon who recruited Crsici to produce 2 tracks on his newest album. A Thousand Skies isn’t all too different from Clap! Clap!’s prior releases, although I would probably argue that it embraces the tribal elements over its electronic elements. It’s an extraordinarily fun album with a wider array of influences than any other album from this year, so I think there’s something for everyone on here. This album also serves as the first release of the year for the almighty Black Acre, which had an incredibly strong 2016 and has established themselves as powerhouses in the underground electronic scene. Clap! Clap! is about to embark on what I believe is his first North American tour and I’m actually going to be seeing him on Friday!

RIYL: Romare, Debruit, dancing and enjoying life

Favorite track: Oriens, Oriri


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