NEW EP: Mirelet Unsette Moiyana by Newcomer

a2483121339_16There was thread on 4chan awhile back where users used Spongebob quotes to describe albums. In the case of Mirelet Unsette Moiyana, I would use “The inner machinations of my mind are an enigma”. This album is totally dissociative and isn’t for the faint of heart. Newcomer hails from London, which is pretty expected given how this EP sounds, but according to their Bandcamp page, have previously released music under another moniker and released this anonymously, which is extremely intriguing. I’m not entirely sure how to describe this project and I don’t think there’s any point in doing so anyways. It’s pretty avant-garde and has moments of total glitch and total ambiance. In fact, it would make a great addition to my “Oh, so you like Aphex Twin?” playlist. It’s unsettling at times but also beautiful at times, so basically just enter this album with a completely open mind.

RIYL: Aphex Twin, Sqaurepusher, Arca

Favorite track: Marrrd E


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