VINTAGE CLOTHING: 90sgeardepot’s 1994 South Korea World Cup USA Shirt


We all remember South Korea’s 1994 World Cup squad led by captain goalkeeper Choi In-young. They may have been eliminated in the first round with 2 draws and a loss, but boy did they put up a valiant effort against formidable opponents such as Spain and Germany. Remember this legendary soccer team, who played in various stadiums around the US by getting this nice shirt highlighting some basic facts about the club. They speak Korean in South Korea… Who knew?!

Seller: 90sgeardepot

Size: M

Price: $24.99

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VINTAGE CLOTHING: Superbowl Threads

I probably should’ve posted this earlier because these shirts won’t be able to be shipped to you in the next 5 hours, but I wanted vintage designs that I really like from the two Superbowl teams.

Atlanta Falcons


Description: Atlanta Falcons 1995 “The Way It’s Meant To Be Played” Shirt

Seller: Vintage4ushop

Size: M

Price: $15

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Description: Atlanta Falcons ProPlayer Shirt

Seller: metropolistshirts

Size: XL

Price: $25

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New England Patriots


Description: New England Patriots 1997 “Squeeze The Cheese” Crewneck (The Patriots actually lost this game)

Seller: ResouledGypsy

Size: XL

Price: $57

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Description: New England Patriots Lee Sports Crewneck

Seller: sunshinecentralproducts

Size: XXL

Price: $34.95

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VINTAGE CLOTHING: Dave’s Freshly Used’s IHRA Phillips & Waters Shirt


Vintage IHRA shirts just seem like the natural progression past vintage NASCAR shirts. The IHRA is the governing body for drag racing if you guys weren’t aware, and the local specific ads on the back of this shirt give it quite a cozy charm. All of these ironic details aside, the best thing about this shirt is random handgun in the bottom corner.

Seller: Davesfreshlyused

Size: M

Price: $26.99

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VINTAGE CLOTHING: 1992 Portland Trailblazers Western Conf. Champs Shirt

Magic Johnson T’s might just be the ‘loudest’ style of T-shirts ever made. They’re known for their extremely designs and vibrant coloring covering every square-inch of the shirts. This shirt in particular represents the 1992 Portland Trailblazers team, which was led by Clyde Drexler to their 3rd and most recent Western Conference Championship, only to be defeated by Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls in the Finals. It’s definitely not crazy to think that this could’ve been a 1992 NBA Finals Championship shirt if only the Blazers would have drafter Jordan instead the notoriously bad Sam Bowie in the 1984 NBA Draft.

Seller: Good Folks Vintage

Size: L (Fits like M)

Price: $68

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VINTAGE CLOTHING: PFRVintage’s Ren & Stimpy Shirts

In my opinion, Ren & Stimpy remains one of the best children TV shows to ever air. It was extremely absurd and avant-garde, which seemed to be Nickelodeon’s direction in the early 90s that we get all nostalgic over. Over 20 years later, PFRVintage just got their hands on some really nice Ren & Stimpy promotional shirts that seem to be in excellent condition.

product_image1Size: M

Price: $40

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product_image2Size: XL (wears like a L)

Price: $40

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product_image3Size: L

Price: $50

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