NEW ALBUM: World Eater by Blanck Mass


Blanck Mass is Benjamin John Power’s side-project that he focuses on when he’s not focusing on Fuck Buttons. For those of you not familiar, Fuck Buttons have been a favorite of mine and I’d consider them a Required ListenTMWorld Eater is Power’s third LP under the alias and, by many measures, is already his best. This album goes everywhere, featuring moments that sound like something that would be on pop-radio to being full on harsh noise. Overall, it’s certainly a more accessible version of Fuck Buttons. In fact, Lorde recently featured the single “Please” on a playlist that she made for the New York Times. This album comes from the ever-reliable Sacred Bones, which I would argue is the most eclectic, yet most on point record label out there.

RIYL: Fuck Buttons, Oneohtrix Point Never, Arca

Favorite track: Please


NEW EP: Brass by DJ Missdevana


Let’s make club music weird. DJ Missdevana is here to help. She’s from Eindhoven, Netherlands, but she makes  bass-heavy polyrhythmic club music that sounds like she’s from the Caribbean. Although Brass is only 3 tracks long, it’s absolutely relentless and will have you moving the entire time.This EP serves as the first release from Nervous Horizons, which is a London-based label headed by TSVI and Wallwork, who have recently released some extremely relentless music themselves. This EP is available on the Nervous Horizons Soundcloud, Bandcamp and Spotify. Brace yourself.

RIYL: Elysia Crampton, Lotic, Kamixlo

Favorite track: Third Eye

NEW ALBUM: A Thousand Skies by Clap! Clap!


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Footwork musicians usually come out of Chicago. Tribal African musicians usually come from…. well, Africa. And then there’s Cristiano Crisci, who merges the two together under the alias Clap! Clap!, and he comes from Florence. He’s back again after his incredible 2014 album Tayi Bebba, which was so good that it caught the attention of Paul Simon who recruited Crsici to produce 2 tracks on his newest album. A Thousand Skies isn’t all too different from Clap! Clap!’s prior releases, although I would probably argue that it embraces the tribal elements over its electronic elements. It’s an extraordinarily fun album with a wider array of influences than any other album from this year, so I think there’s something for everyone on here. This album also serves as the first release of the year for the almighty Black Acre, which had an incredibly strong 2016 and has established themselves as powerhouses in the underground electronic scene. Clap! Clap! is about to embark on what I believe is his first North American tour and I’m actually going to be seeing him on Friday!

RIYL: Romare, Debruit, dancing and enjoying life

Favorite track: Oriens, Oriri


Hey everyone!! I’m sorry that I haven’t been active on here for the past couple of weeks but there were a series of events that led to me not having access to wifi for a week and then my computer was unfortunately stolen last week. I’ve still been brainstorming and searching for things to post, so I will be back shortly with all the things that I’ve missed out on. I’ll try to get back to posting at some point this week, thank you! 🙂

NEW EP: Nobody But U EP by Dennis Ayler


Newly established 22a has already established itself as an extremely solid source for new Jazzy House music. Dennis Ayler’s Nobody But U EP comes only  a few months after his No Comment EP, which came out last September and serves as 22a’s 14th release. This EP is perhaps less House-y than the other releases I’ve heard from 22a, but for where it lacks in House elements, it compensates for in soul and Jazz elements. It seems as if the London underground will continue to ride this Jazz wave it’s been riding on and I’m totally okay with that, as long as it maintains the sort of quality Dennis Ayler was able to put out here. This EP isn’t even on Spotify yet, so check it out on Bandcamp here.

RIYL: Thundercat, Seven Davis Jr., Al Dobson

Favorite track: Smoochin


OLDIES: What Color Is Love by Terry Callier


I’ll make a bold statement here and say that I’ve never heard an album encompass the feelings of love and heartbreak better than Terry Callier’s 1972 masterpiece What Color Is Love. This album has been getting a tremendous amount of play from me lately and a different track is my favorite with each listen. Chicago Soul is the specific genre title assigned this album, which makes sense considering Callier was from Chicago and this album is filled with as much soul as any other album. The album seems to cover each step in a romance, which ultimately ends by the end of the album. “Just As Long As We’re In Love” is  definitely a standout track that details the height of their relationship only to reach the point of “You Don’t Care” by the end of the album, which is about exactly what the title suggests. Overall, this album is a great listen and one of those that require a listening from start to finish.

VINTAGE CLOTHING: 90sgeardepot’s 1994 South Korea World Cup USA Shirt


We all remember South Korea’s 1994 World Cup squad led by captain goalkeeper Choi In-young. They may have been eliminated in the first round with 2 draws and a loss, but boy did they put up a valiant effort against formidable opponents such as Spain and Germany. Remember this legendary soccer team, who played in various stadiums around the US by getting this nice shirt highlighting some basic facts about the club. They speak Korean in South Korea… Who knew?!

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