NEW PLAYLIST: 2017 Mitch Music


We’re now over month into our beloved 2017. Enough new music has come out thus far that I think it’s appropriate to share my 2017 music spotify playlist with you, so that you can reap the fruits of my labor. I’m going to be adding my favorite track from all of my favorite releases throughout the year. Most of the stuff on here will be stuff posted on here but there definitely will be a lot posted on there that won’t be talked about on™. Hope you guys enjoy! ヾ(⌐■_■)ノ♪


NEW PLAYLIST: Oh, So You Like Aphex Twin?


As distant as electronic music may have seen to me as teenager, good electronic music was even further away. My first exposure, other than assorted electronic pop hits, was that early early 2010s dubstep wave. I really don’t think there’s anything wrong with that because I didn’t know any better and that music was extremely fun at the time. Through a series of Wikipedia articles, I ended up dabbling in some drum & bass until I ended up finding Aphex Twin. Everything about his music and promotion blew me away. Selected Ambient Works 85-92 became an all-time classic for me upon first listen and “Windowlicker” still makes my day whenever I hear it. Richard James is undoubtedly the most influential name in electronic music and I wanted to make a collection of the people influenced by him who still carry the IDM torch, along with a few contemporaries and collaborators.

NEW PLAYLIST: Oh, so you like Mac Demarco?


Mac Demarco really broke out after his 2014 release Salad Days, which propelled him to a weird level of fame where he became the face (and often the punchline) of art-school kids who smoke too many cigarettes. I was never deep into the Mac Demarco craze, or Ariel Pink’s for that matter, but I really like him as a person and the scene he became the head of. Musically, a lot more lo-fi and DIY sounding “slacker rock” has been finding success since Demarco did. Fashionably, Demarco pretty much continued what Odd Future had started a few years earlier: getting kids to vaguely dress like skateboarders, but Demarco’s fashion sense is much less vibrant and showy than OF’s.

This playlist serves as my first “Oh, so you like ____” series of playlists. I want to do these for artists who are representative of musical movements with plenty of unsung heroes. I hope you guys enjoy. :+)

NEW PLAYLIST: What I Wish Pop Music Sounded Like

I grew up in Daytona Beach, which didn’t give me access to underground music until I started getting more exposure to it on the internet. I spent a large portion of my childhood listening to pop radio and watching MTV or VH1’s top music video countdowns, so until I started digging on Myspace, my primary taste in music was Pop. Lately, I barely pay attention to the mainstream. I kind of just hear the songs in stores or commercials but rarely deliberately seek to listen to chart-topping songs. It’s not that I’m just a contrarian, I just generally don’t like the popular sounds right now. Every once in awhile a song like Sorry or Lean On comes along that I do actually enjoy, but it’s really not all that common.

I wanted to make this playlist because I think a lot of people think the music I listen to is weirder than it actually is. There’s plenty of stuff that I enjoy that could easily be plugged into a pop radio station’s rotation and nobody would even notice. All of these songs are very accessible in my books and I’d really like to hear these types of sounds get more attention.

PLAYLIST: Songs For Redemption

Ever feel like you’ve made mistakes that have pushed out someone you care about a lot out of your life? I’ve been having that feeling a lot lately and the music I’ve been listening to has reflected that. I created a collection soulful songs that beg for forgiveness and detail the beauty of the relationship lost.


BONUS TRACK (it’s not on spotify):